Make the car doors open when you crash

When a car crashes the doors may open sometimes and wave like police chase movies


This is a good idea, but it would take a long time to implement so it likely wont happen, at least not for a while




Update 100 (changed title from Car Crushers 2 to Car Crusher 2)

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police chase ? nah dont be like vs.The police chase is kinda annoying

The cars would need to be remodelled a bit because you can see that there is no door implemented on the car.

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So there will be only one crusher?

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y e s B )

I quick little thing, the doors do kind of open but only with some cars.


I just remembered, you know how when you break the rotating thing on tanks, the upper half of the tank just swings? (I have no idea how else to explain that)
Maybe Panwellz has the ability to make this happen, but as said, it make take a while and a bit a scripting. All we’d need to hope for is if he will do it, and if it will correspond to how the hinges work on the cars in real life.
The doors on the Koenigsegg brand might be the hardest to implement if he’s gonna make them accurate to the car, though I’m not sure if Koenigsegg is the only one with these doors.
Here’s what I mean by the Koenigsegg doors-

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