Machine gun for Terrain Destroyer (for rearward protection

please. Big things like this in lower tier are powerless against chasers. It literally cannot do anything about it. It needs a viable way to defend itself

oh no this thing is too op
this is coming from a person who loves it and dominates with it in derby

I find it underwhelming…front end is too vulnerable

I mean good for you, yeah i can agree that its strong defense wise, but its defenseless in terms of fending people off

I mean, do you use a plow or something, I just use its normal front which actually does far more damage than with the wedge

oh…im so sorry…I should have been more specific. The Terrain Destroyer is in beginner derby, as the final vehicle there. You are talking about the Mountain Anihialator (pardon spelling)

No worries, i get the 2 mixed up often
Not ur fault, im just a dumb pufferfish :P

Don’t say that about yourself. Even if it’s just a joke :c I am not angry, it just hurts me when people are mean to themselves, again, even if it is just sarcasm…my mind just doesnt do sarcasm. You are a nice person and I am very glad you were not toxic like others are about my discussion thread

But yeah the terrain destroyer…really wish the final vehicle in beginner was far better.

ok tank u
u are cool