Lotec c1000


Seeing a Mercedes Lotec C1000 for sale is somewhat less likely than hitting the EuroMillion winning combination ( you can see the ad here ). Only one copy was made for a wealthy Arab sheikh and oil magnate. Just two years ago the RK house was put up for auction , but it seems to have not convinced the owner who bought it. You probably hadn’t even heard of it before, but the Mercedes Lotec C1000 was the fastest homologated car in the world to drive. Of course, in 1995. His figures were so spectacular then that even today he would beat the well-known Bugatti Veyron .

The Mercedes Lotec C1000 is a unique model, the typical idea of ​​someone who has more money and wants to have the fastest private car in the world. To do this, he resorted to a Mercedes V8 5.6 propeller that, with the help of two turbos, reached the power of 1,000 hp. A real outrage for the time. Especially considering its weight of 1,100 kg. Almost half of what the Veyron weighs today, with more than 800 extra kg.

The benefits of course, were a real scandal: a top speed of 431 km / h and 0 to 100 in 3.2 seconds. And all this without resorting to all-wheel drive or sophisticated dual-clutch boxes. Its transmission was a six-speed manual. And it was entirely made of carbon fiber.

It is true that at that time there were already street cars made with this material and very, very fast; like the Ferrari F50 or the McLaren F1, for example. But it was something that was also very expensive. And more if we consider that this Lotec C1000 was a whim of its owner. A unique piece that cost about 2.3 million euros.

However, despite its extreme rarity, this Mercedes is still a kind of black sheep and its price, although it has increased in recent years, since it was previously sold for less than $ 200,000, does not reach the astronomical figures of other Supercars of the time like the McLaren F1 ‘LM’, which was recently auctioned for $ 13 million. It is expected to change hands for a price of 1.2 million dollars, just over a million euros to change. A good investment for the future?



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