List of incorrect transmissions

This is a list of all the vehicles with incorrect transmissions, and the correct number of gears they should have next to them.

Vehicle Current Gearbox What it should be
UZO R550 4-speed 5-speed
Forter Fabreville Wagon 4-speed 3-speed
Nyssat Salvio T140 6-speed 5-speed
Satchi Qc 4-speed 6-speed
Lexiras I30 6-speed 5-speed
Tayatzi N86 Tuno 6-speed 5-speed
Transit Bus 3-speed 5-speed
Forter Victoria Police 6-speed 4-speed
Tayatzi Perios 5-speed CVT
Forter series-T News Van 5-speed 3-speed
Honado Vicic XL 5-speed 6-speed
Cherevlo Silverlake 150 WT 5-speed 6-speed
Mazto X8 6-speed 5-speed
Forter Contour 6-speed 8-speed
Volksmobil Eimermobil 3-speed 4-speed
Cadlicon Sevinte 5-speed 3-speed
Mazto X7 6-speed 5-speed
Jiepo Rangling 5-speed 6-speed
Sharpo ATV 3-speed 5-speed
Dadget Dasher Police 6-speed 5-speed
Macedas AGM S6 6-speed 7-speed
Arcuro NXS 6-speed 5-speed
Hamming R2 5-speed 6-speed
DaLareo MCT-12 6-speed 5-speed
Tayatzi TR Supar 6-speed 8-speed
BWN XC5 6-speed 8-speed
Dadget Dasher STR90 6-speed 8-speed
Audos CQ4 6-speed 7-speed
Macedas AGM 43 6-speed 9-speed
Dadget Dasher T/R 6-speed 4-speed
Nyssat Skyridge GTR V.S 6-speed 5-speed
Cadlicon Escaldo 6-speed 8-speed
Cherevlo Carvatto C8 6-speed 8-speed
Race Mower 5000 4-speed 6-speed
Limac Town Stretch 5-speed 4-speed
Parchos 611 E 6-speed 5-speed
Wienermobile 5-speed 6-speed
Dadget Competitor STR Hellhound 6-speed 8-speed
School Bus 3-speed 6-speed
Volma X80 5-speed 8-speed
Brubos 800G 5-speed 7-speed
Forter K-45 Ambulance 4-speed 6-speed
Audos KR7 Sportback 6-speed 8-speed
Macedas C50 6-speed 7-speed
Macedas Actosan M4 6-speed 12-speed
Katyusha 2-speed 4-speed
Skaner T230 4-speed 14-speed
Rostershire W-550 4-speed 18-speed
Land Roamer Range Roamer 6-speed 8-speed
Macedas AGM GT 6-speed 7-speed
LT 70 Crop Tractor 3-speed 4-speed
Arcuro NXS Mk2 6-speed 9-speed
Macedas Special Roadster 6-speed 4-speed
London Double Decker 3-speed 4-speed
Parchos Panomara Super Turbo 6-speed 8-speed
Audos K8 6-speed 7-speed
Rostershire W-100 Aero 4-speed 18-speed
Lamortigi Urza 6-speed 8-speed
Skaner Snow Plow 4-speed 7-speed
Bentygla Tourer GT 6-speed 8-speed
Mcgaden LT600 Spyder 6-speed 7-speed
Mcgaden GT 6-speed 7-speed
Alton Mantin Ventager V12 6-speed 7-speed
Mcgaden S720 6-speed 7-speed
RAMM Enforcer 4-speed 12-speed
Ralles Rayer Wight 6-speed 8-speed
WVD X15 Super 6-speed 7-speed
Heavy Bank Transport 4-speed 7-speed
Macedas Odenbach 60S 6-speed 7-speed
Forter GT 6-speed 7-speed
Lamortigi Contorach 6-speed 5-speed
Duneripper V2 3-speed 5-speed
Lamortigi Aviantador 6-speed 7-speed
Alton Mantin B50 4-speed 5-speed
Crane Truck 4-speed 12-speed
Parchos 619 Spider 6-speed 7-speed
Mcgaden Sunni 6-speed 7-speed
ATC 52 Motor Grader 3-speed 8-speed
Fierra F-42 6-speed 5-speed
Fierra LaFirro 6-speed 7-speed
Wheatmaster T2000 3-speed 1-speed
Koenattigg Arego RT 6-speed 7-speed
Lamortigi Cerantino 6-speed 7-speed
RAMM XF-80 Transport 4-speed 12-speed
Bucotti Veiro Hyper Sport 6-speed 7-speed
Koenattigg One 6-speed 7-speed
Mahindra Gurkha 5-speed 6-speed
Koenattigg Garema 6-speed 1-speed
Reulter FT-67 1-speed 6-speed
Arturo Glacera 6-speed 7-speed
A7V Sturmpanzer 1-speed 3-speed
Mcgaden V1 GTR 6-speed 7-speed
MK. II Crusader 1-speed 4-speed
Fierra XXK Evolution 6-speed 7-speed
Leopard 2A7 1-speed 4-speed
Hannigan Viper RS5 6-speed 7-speed
Panzer III Ausf. N 1-speed 6-speed
Pagassi Hayero CBC 6-speed 7-speed
Dragster 3-speed 1-speed
Tiger I 1-speed 8-speed
Bucotti Charino 6-speed 7-speed
Lamortigi Siuana 6-speed 7-speed
Koenattigg Jiskan 6-speed 9-speed
Alton Mantin Valyk 6-speed 7-speed
Tricera Q80 6-speed 7-speed
Bulky Ben 300 2-speed 6-speed
Bucotti Dives 6-speed 7-speed
Lamortigi Venno 6-speed 7-speed
Bucotti Bodine 6-speed 7-speed
Bucotti Votera Nueva 6-speed 7-speed
TC-497 Overland Train 2-speed 1-speed
Lamortigi Tarzi Milanna 6-speed 1-speed
Bucotti Ciento Veinte 6-speed 7-speed
Mining Dumper Truck 2-speed 7-speed
Exo Speeder 6-speed 1-speed
EXR Extimo 6-speed 1-speed
Tricera X100 6-speed 7-speed

and also manual so i can go to 8 gear to go 300 in my henessey


Yeah, that’d be pretty helpful. Cool suggestion.


Bugati verron 12 speed
semi truck 10-16 speed up
RX-8 5 speed
BNR32 and 33 is 5 speed


This is done now

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how the fuck does a car have an 18 speed

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yeah semi trucks have lots of gears