Let’s write a story: rewritten (universe No.1 not finished)

Let’s write a story:

Rewrite version

By Me

(original version by CC2 Forum users)

©2022 HappyHusky Publish, all rights reserved

To my dear friends, CC2 users

Chapter 1:

The war from a cheese

This morning I woke up, brush my teeth, I wanted to eat some food but there wasn’t any, so I went to the grocery store.

When I entered the store, I saw an interesting looking cheese, It smelled glorious, but it was too expensive so I kept walking to an American cake shelf.

On the way home, I saw the cheese on my roof, then it turned into the god of cheese!

Then somehow among us came, he breaked my car window god gave him a piece of cheese, then he went to mom’s house to kill my dog. I want cheese too, so I killed the god of cement, so the rules of cement broke, which means god can

I’m still alive today

♫I am still fighting♫

♫and when will this war end?♫

♫that’s is when i finally got the cheese♫

Chapter 2:

The illegal Le mans

Today, god came to me with his capro T1 to buy downforce to win the 24 hours Le mans!

You see, capro is not very famous, and he has an top enemy: Koenigsegg

And obviously, they don’t like each other very much, so they both decided to use the illegal WEC with an 3JZ-GE engine from toyota that produces 869 Horsepower and 30KG

of downforce at 269 MPH, which means that this car can do the first corner at Nurburgring

Without slowing down!

June 10, 2023

Circuit Bugatti Le Mans, France

Today is the day! The Le Mans once a year! Everyone is ready to be here for 2 days and swear at the losers!

10:00 AM, Start

Everybody is ready, there’s no more walk-to-your-car start any more, so its lot faster.





Here we see number 7, ohh no, he crashed at the start with number 6! Its the same with 46 and 43! But they’re fine!

18 hours later

Oh no! Number 56 has an impact with 27 at corner 10!

real injury! the ambulance came

First place, Number 7

, Team Koenigsegg

“This is going to be easy” said the driver, but Suddenly, a car catch up at high speed

“Huh? Oh, hehe, the show has begun”

It is team capro’s number 5!!

Team capro command centre

God: be careful! He is using the machine gun!

I see, it’s very small, request activate ours, I said

I pressed the button as fast as possible, same as him.

Kaboom! I activated the shock grenade, only for him though.

Oh my god, number seven exploded at corner 5!

6 hours later, La rôtisserierestaurant

Nice race, kid. god said

I know right, first place!

Very nice restaurant, how do you know about this restaurant? God asked

Well it took me some time to find this place, but it is sooo good!

Wait, what happened to the team Koenigsegg driver?

Well, he’s fine, it’s just a scratch, it’s a Le man car you know

Oh, that ok replied god

Anyways, we landed at the destruction facility runway. I picked up my car(Pagani Huayra GT BC) and went home.

Chapter 3:

Me buys heckler & koch

Today i am going to buy some weapons because amongus always invade my house, I im thinking about an auto defence system with MG, so I can just use a PDW

(personal defence weapon), but after I saw what I could get, I completely threw it away. There was a HK416A5, so I brought it and went home, here comes amongus! *gun sound yay! He’s dead!

But then god came, he’s not too happy, “why did u kill him?!”

Well he invades my house all the time.

But he’s my kid!

What the–

Everyone on earth is my kid!

Oh make sense, then why is he so precious?

Ummmmmmmmmm, he’s not.

Then why you so angry? (asian mode on)


If your not giving me a explanation, i will send you to jesus

Why send me to my son?


I cant kill you, but you can kill me, not so fair.

The strong one lives, it is nature.

Chapter 4:


Today i went to do vehicle check, no problem, my car good as new

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We haven’t even got to chapter 3 yet


Please dont start

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Another story

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This exists

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We don’t have to correspond to logic in that topic, while in the story topic, we can

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My is based of the let’s write a story

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I read chapter 2 and it’s reminds me of top gun for some reason
(maybe it’s because of the machine guns)

I think I could make a rewritten version like that but a little bit better perhaps


Let’s call them parallel universes

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can you guys just put these into one topic

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Already did

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