Let’s write a story (Chapter 2) Full version

Chapter 2: The Legal Illegal Race.

Caparo T1 wanted to win the 24Hrs Le Mans with downforce infinity but, Koenigsegg didn’t like him to much so they decided to use legal GT3 vehicle, downforce that the GT3 car has along with F1 engine is powerful 30KG! Of Downforce at 269Mph while doing something The first turn at Nurburgring. So the car called Koenigsegg overtook Capro R1 Lol. The Amongus sus Caparo Imposter Stig is fast and Caparo is fast und agile so they rocketed to 1st place and celebrated in happiness et harmony. Koenigsegg ist annihilated from reliability. Leonardo Cruise e Sebastian got happy by Caparo’s art machinery that won Nobel 24rs of Le Mans and cornered mice 5Gs connection Handling. Is Koenigsegg. My racing score updated in GT5 und GT6 ist good for motorsport racing. Caparo T1 overtook Koenigsegg again and Koenigsegg was angry as Italian Bull see’s the Red Koenigsegg next to the street on my parking with a turn sign next to the sidewalk. Stig from the show called A Top Gear Show won fifth gear on best car ever. Caparo T1 won the Best Car Ever in Motorsport Class Competition by 1st in handling performance at the legendary WCA(World Car Awards) Year’s best car.
Chapter 3: The Life After Famous

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