KZ CV-100

This is the new KZ CV-100, a replacement for the old one. This addresses a few things that the old one had issues with. It has a new KZ chassis with all new structure, making it bigger on the inside while at the same time being smaller on the outside. And who could disagree with driving the most stylish commercial van on ROBLOX? Info: Speed: 124 SPS Vehicle Type: Commercial mid-size van Passenger Capacity: 2 Safety Rating: 3.2/5 (“Acceptable” RVTSI) MSRP: $25,848 (US) KZ Automobiles, ©2013 Rivion Technology, ©2014 KZ Corporate, ©2013 Steering System - SS3, ©2014

The KZ CV-100 is a cargo van specialized for carrying goods to places and back.
I’m gonna keep suggesting blocky cars, including the ones from 2010.



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