Komatsu P&H L-2350

Komatsu P&H L-2350 (New Juggernaut for next update)
This loader is the biggest loader in the world made by Komatsu Limited. It holds the [Guinness World Record] for Biggest Earth Mover. Designed to center-load haul trucks with capacities of up to 400 tons.

*Weight: 260 tons
*Horsepower: 2,300 horsepower

  • 16 Cylinder 65.0 Litre Detroit Diesel 4-cycle Turbocharged Aftercooler Engine (2300 hp) or 16 cylinder 60.0 Litre Cummins Diesel 4-cycle Turbocharged Aftercooler Engine (2300 hp)
  • Hydraulic lifting payload 72 tons
  • Standard Bucket 40,52 m³ (53.0 yd³)**
  • Fuel Tank 3974.68 Litre (1050.0 US liquid Gal)**
  • Hydraulic Oil 1230 Litre (324.93 US liquid Gal)**
  • Tyres 70/70-57 SRG DT (diameter 4 m and width 1.78 m) [d=13.12 ft & w=5.84 ft]*
    *Emission level: Tier 2

Ps. Not similar to underground loader since the purpose of this loader are digging a dirt on the land not in mine, and I try my best to choose this one because it’s fit in crusher and estimate size is bigger like TC-497 Overland train but more shorter and lower than. (Feel free to likes ane comments, thanks!)


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