Joy12HM46 Continuous Miner

Joy12HM46 Continuous Miner

Machine mass of 145,000 KG (340,000 LBS.) and a maximum cutting hight of 6 Meters (20 FT).
The machine includes heavy-duty crawler chain, along with a heavy duty drive system to effectively get over terrain.
The machines features a 965 mm (38 in.) conveyor to move away the meterial.
operates at 2300V 60Hz, 4160V 60Hz, or 3300V 50 Hz

Cutter Head Diameter
1473 mm (58 in.)
Width 965 MM (38 in.)
Depth 406 or 609 MM (16 or 24 in.)
Chain pitch 82 MM (3 1/4 in.)
Speed options 123 m/min or 147 m/min (402 fpm or 480 fpm)
Crawler Chain
Width 560 MM (22 in.)
Pitch 184 MM (7 1/4 in.)
Cutter Drums 57 MM (2 1/4 in.)
Cutting Width 4115 to 4572 MM (13 ft. 6ft. to 15 ft.)
Ground Pressure 260 kPa* (38 psi*)
Weight 154,000 kg* (340,000 lbs*)
Maximum Cutting Height 6000 MM (236 in.)
Minimum Cutting Height 2692 MM (106 in.
Basic Chassis Height 2184 MM* (86 in.)
Ground Clearance 305 MM (12in.
Gathering Arm Speed 45 or 54 rpm [the spinners att the bottom of the machine]
Cutter Speed 42m/min (42fpm)
Bit Tip Speed 190.8 m/min (626 fpm)

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Yes i’ve already made one of these but i thought that i could do better and give more information and i didn’t know that eddit would turn off after a while. There’s probably gonna be some miss speling but i hope you understand


it’s very cool


it would be cool with another vehicle in the game that could shredd cars


i didn’t know this but this thing is electric