Jaguar XKR 2005

4.2L V8 with compressor = 416hp (in contradistinction with XK8 = 295hp), 6 speed automatic transmission (same xk8)
1770 kg; 4791 x 1892 x 1322mm body size, at the same time, the wheelbase is 2752mm and the turning radius is 5.5 m - that is, it is quite a family car for long trips. It is equipped with climate control and electronic door locks and power windows.
Of the innovations of that time - a rain sensor + bi-xenon headlights and fog lights and heated rear window so that passengers do not catch a cold. Of course, a computer to help extreme driving and a large torpedo display.
5.2sec to100, 250kmh, A small compression ratio of 9.1 affects a fairly large consumption in the city and a mixed cycle (19.1 and 12.3 liters per 100 km), where the XK8 is of course much more economical.
But the improved audio system and interior trim seem to hint that the price of gasoline should not be a problem for the wealthy affluent rich peoples

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