Increase Cash given by top 3 Vehicles

The Difference between the Top 2 and Top 3 vehicle is nothing in terms on how much you get from it from destroying it. Its 74B and even the Top 1s difference is 1 billion at 75B but to get them the grinding part is difficult with how little it gives the difference in how much you need to unlock is even greater starting at around 75T to 120T which is a extreme difference for such little cash rewarded so should it be increased?


imo, this is how it should be that the differences are so big. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next most expensive car cost 650T, which is a 300T difference compared to the current most expensive vehicle. I also don’t understand that people say that it’s very hard to make money later in the game. I managed to earn 250T in one day (about 4.5 hours of playing) (although I have platinum material -3x value, and I used 2X cash that I earned during the event), but let’s face it, without it you can’t count on earning money quickly. and this is the basis if you want to have a lot of money

I honestly agree with you and all but I am also thinking about players that don’t have certain benefits that we have like more free time and stuff some people have like 30 mins on average to play so that’s why I started this topic.

I don’t think it should be just for the top 3 vehicles. I suffered so much to get the drill already

I understand your thinking. But CC2 is a game that is based on grinding, just like, for example, metin 2. If someone plays metin 2 half an hour a day, they will not have good items like in CC2.