ICBM can fire the missile + better handling

  1. ICBM has a missile that can self-destruct, and it’s boring sometimes. So maybe the ICBM can lift missile and fire it. It can be guided, or you can click anywhere in the map so missile goes to the marked point. It’s free, and add a gamepass that lets u add the nuke in the missile. If u fire the nuke, it will work like self-destructing the facility (energy core), and the animation of launching the nuke will appear to everyone. And u gotta escape with helicopter or boat, same as the energy core gamepass.

(The game pass will have cool down like the energy core gamepass, or it’s going to be too op)

  1. ICBM tires should move like this to get better handling.


Probably would be better private servers only.

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Yes this is needed so badly, only the front turn and not the rear with the current nuke truck. Ever since nuke truck came out I been screaming about how poorly it turns and how only the front turns

Not a bad idea but it can get overpowered and also

We could just have it set to only the core pass and revamp how the core pass works, maybe change the name of it or something

Also I suggest that there be a cool down for nuking the facility as someone can just spam it and cause lag and can be op……

where would you even launch it

Any place that doesn’t have a roof

its ok if long cooldown and no nuke