I Somehow Didn't Get The Event Spoiler

I should’ve reported this earlier, but for whatever reason I never got the event spoiler.
I specifically remember the tasks being shown as complete, however I never received the ultimate reward for them.

I play on both computer and mobile, if that helps.

I highly doubt anyone will take my word for it, but I remember clear as day grinding just to complete the tasks.

I wonder if anyone is able to modify a player’s save data for issues like this.

I hope this gets fixed; I’ve been really annoyed and bummed out about it.

My Roblox username is Cyberphaser.


Having proof would’ve been handy


did you complete all 10 or thought that the first 4 were all the missions


i have the same problem i did not get it

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this bug happend to me and the devs dont belive me sadly

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