I hate competition races

soo… I hate the race competitions, but not like the competition itself, the way they apear, but oven worst, when your daily mission is a fucking race competition! like hell i don’t have 2 hours of my time free, and when i join the game, i wait for A HOLE HOUR, AND NO COMPETITION RACES APEAR, but ohhhhhh, when they DO apear, NOBODY GETS IN, SO HOW IN THE WORLD I AM GOING TO COMPLETE MY DAILY TASK, and to end everything, when you don’t need them, THEY APEAR 5 MINS AFTER YOU JOIN, AND EVERYONE GETS IN.

i just need help, i keep losing my streak of 6 days, at just 1 day to get the 55 mp,and all because a fucking competition race didn’t apear.

i have lost 1 exclusive in all cc2 history, and it was all fault of the competition races, i hate them, and i’ll unless i get that car.

i hope you relate to how i feel.


CC2 really just needs a racing system like CDT or DW tbh