I am building a car

Concept: peel p50 with electric engine and reverse gear



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basically ultra eco car

ok so i found a peel p50 body with chasis for sale for 200$ each

and i found a e motors for 50$ per 2 and batery for 40$

some clasy wheel, seat and dashboard are 50

total: 340$ i will sell this for 440$

My question is how in the world will this work?

Because the Peel P50 has 3 wheels, uses a moped engine, and goes at 40mph.

now it uses 2 e scooter engines has 3 wheels and idk max speed

probably set it to 60 so that we can get an actual 0-60 time

i will try to

How’s the P50 now?

its… fucked

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batteries are expensive and only given to companies

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