I Already See a Symmetry Issue on One of the New Cars

You know which one I’m talking about?

The Dragster. Specifically the Dragster’s engine (minus the exhausts; those are fine).

You guys also still need to fix the Super Mobile’s symmetry issue.

Did my suggestion of spoilers way back when give you guys the idea for this update? If so, I’m happy that I helped the game improve.

Sorry about that last bit. I just wanted to end off on a positive note.


I see where you’re coming from, and it might be annoying, but the model creators do their best, and the attitude this gives off doesn’t help that.


It is quite annoying. But at least I can look at a lot of these models and go “damn, that’s good.”

Heck, when I first saw the Peel P50 in-game, I went “D’awwww, that’s adorable.”

And sorry about the attitude that my post gave off; I’ll try to work on that.