How to see tire hitbox on Monster truck

By going in the Laser crusher with a monster truck, make sure that you burn the wheel and don’t pop them and you will be able to see the hitbox made visible by burn mark on it

(I dunno if it’s a bug or not but I don’t think it’s one)


works with all the cars


just putting this out here just in case people don’t know about this

so the hitbox is actually a sphere, but it’s for a good reason
spheres are a lot more easy to deal with than cylinders in terms of smooth overall usage, cylinders end up being a lot more glitchy as a result

pretty sure the sphere method has been used for a pretty long time at this point


Disadvantage is might widen the collision and cause some cars unable to fit certain crushers

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Like the Bulldozer which doesn’t have 4 big wheel but actually 6 there is the 2 in the middle hidden that can be found by this method

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so thats why the cars in grand blox auto kept glitching

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and why the cars in car crash simulator cant really turn

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