Hide others people‘s cars

I would like to see an option allowing you to hide other people and their cars. What I mean by that is, that you can set an setting inside your settings to true hiding everyone within the whole map radius or an radius you can set yourself.

This could help lower end-devices to reduce lags, crashes and just ending the unplayability for them.

Another addition to this would be the ability to just hide everyones car‘s or to hide everyones but your friend‘s cars. An example to this would be the „Who can enter my vehicle“ <Everyone - Friends - Nobody> setting.

To finfish off, I‘d like to point out from who I took the idea for this suggestion and if it ever will be added I want them to become full credit.

Zebra, May 29th 2022



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That would seem boring

private servers

you can disable or enable it? and its for lower end-devices mainly

not everyone has 150 R$ and also, the vip server in the #vip_server_links aren‘t always empty

Would be good too hide some people’s cars, like to see only your friend’s cars.
But this is the best suggestion ever.

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