Has anyone ever tried driving with the arrow keys

i just started trying it last week in cc2 and its actually more fun and you get more control
however with tanks i would suggest wasd and click to fire cuz its not very practical with arrow keys and q


I did
Not that hard tbh

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just drive with your left hand, its the same

drifting with your left hand is a pain

im left handed

Its more torture than w a s d

When I was a kid I used to use my index instead of middle finger for WASD because I never knew you were supposed to use middle, and then as my hands grew I just subconsciouslly moved to the middle finger lol

i started playing with arrow keys because back in the day i would play nfs games with the arrow keys and i had so much control unlike wasd
ig it translates to roblox car games
however im not saying you should use them in every single game because ik that the left and right keys turn the camera (annoying for lefties)

damn even the wiki recommends it