Halloween Event Materials Bug

Name of bug is listed in the title

Constant, as far as I’m aware of


Equip any shiny material (Silver, Gold, Platinum) to any vehicle. The shine will be nearly completely depleted, even in the Dealership. Example images attached at bottom of document

I believe the bug is a global issue, likely due to Night mode

^ Except for an attached Rocket Booster’s Color 1 and Color 3, all materials are Silver with default (63%) polish.

^ Except for Metal Plow Color 2 and Rocket Booster Color 1/Color 3, all materials are Silver: All black materials with max (75%) polish, and all red materials with default (63%) polish.



Polish is regular during day.


Seems like just Roblox lighting stuff

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The materials reflect the sky, if it is dark outside it isnt going to reflect anything


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