Guess the Car Crushers Vehicle (Day 2) | Upgrades Edition

This special edition will only pop up a few times.
The gist of it is that I pick an upgrade unique to a vehicle, usually rims or tires.

Difficulty: :yellow_square::yellow_square::black_large_square::black_large_square::black_large_square:
Might wanna look closely on this one

They will be daily from now on so next one tmrw


Ferrari fxx k evo

Aston Martin Valkyrie?

how is this only 2 difficulty h1nts?

maybe open the image in a new tab and zoom in all the way

hint 1 will come in a couple days

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Is it the sillouhettee in the background

Ferrari 250 GTO???

the black lines?

its too Easy, Koenigsegg Agera R

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ok not easy for me

i thought the red and white stripes would give it away but guess not

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