Game night experience

anyone having data problems from the stream
just dm skill on dc

very cool overall
first was natural disaster
had multiple rounds
the part where skill hop on the bulldozer and got flung to the sky was pure funny

then it was plated where skilled become the bread and proceed to get first place
then the next round people find out inf money lol(including me)
creating omega lands and surprisingly I won lol
(didn’t capture getting the 1st on plates too )
(If anyone has the screenshot send it out here plz)
(too bad the obs capture corrupted damn it)

the third one was short
Ball and axe
got the first wohoooooo
claimed nice

then there was car crusher 2™
too bad there isn’t car crusher gaming
bc of server problems
but some of us had a Halloween race lol
and everyone had the same stats
(perfectly balanced, as all things should be)

next one is epic mini-experiences
haven’t known there were a lot of new mini-experiences
lots of people, very nice

the last big one is the marballs game
where u look at yourself in a marble
and getting called us a cheater if u become the first lol
too bad the second round had a bit of an accident (we don’t talk about that)
but the end (Maybe The Real Treasure Was the Friends We Made Along the Way)
big quote there

now here’s the question
what is ur game-night experience?
gimme some funni screenshots like the big chicken hehe


this is funny ngl

I had none due to me having no friends irl and in games

bruh so many