Ford Edge / Forter Contour Remodel

Ford Edge - Forter Contour Remodel

Why This Car If other cars need it?
Well this car was poorly made. Even though it was made before 2021, it still needs a light shined onto it. There’s lots of ugly features to it like the big fuel cap & rear diffuser & double exhausts.

Ok but why do you want it?
I want this remodelled because 1, it’s a cheap car meaning starter players will use this car and they might think; “this is awkward!”, 2, it could be better & 3, it’s right down ugly.

Arent you stealing someone’s Topic?
Credits go to RedNaz for the Interior topic, the rest is just my idea.

Anything else?
The name of this car needs to be changed as Ford themselves have a car called the Ford Contour which is late 90s American Named Mondeo. The name could be changed to Forter Cliff Or Forter Bounder but that’s up to Panwellz!

I hope you like this idea


i mean its better than whatever tf this is


That ain’t the Ford Edge, that’s the Ford Hedge💀


Not as bad as the old camaro model


True. CC2 should add that Camaro back (the generation of it not the exact model) because it looks so sexy

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Revive cuz it really needs one

i’m definitely edging to this right now.

waiting for panwellz to add the option to switch cars back to their old models

Yea that also needs to be added