Focus on fixing the older cars of cc2, before making entirely new vehicles

These cars are in desperate need of remodels, even though they are regular cars


There a few more old cc1 cars that need remodels, these 3 are just the first ones that came to mind. I would also like for some cars to have their drivetrains reworked, for example the silvia s14 and the rx-8 are both rwd cars irl but their cc2 versions are fwd.


Lots of cars needs a remodel that looks boxy

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remodels belong in #suggestions:cc2-suggestions


I hope remodel comes next update :thinkspin:


Literally alot of cars have wrong drivetrains

Alot of luxury cars are FWD when they are either RWD OR AWD

Alot of cars need remodeling the 370z is confirmed to the remodeled soon into its Nismo Version because the nismo barely gives performance

Alot of cars like fiat 500 porsche 911 RX8 and FORD GT need remodeling

The f355 need remodeling the most because it looks wide as hell and the front is just a shell


Remodeling them is nice but it would be nice if they also keep the old ones. The Fiat and Toyota IQ are OG‘s

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Yes. All of those cars you listed needs a remodel

and these old pick ups

and is it just me or doe like 80% of the cars only have V8‘s


Nissan R35, these two F1 cars idk name, Henessey Venom F5, Ferrari 599, Rolls Royce Wraith, Dodge Challanger, Lexus IS300, And all Pickups besides F-150 Lightning, Henessey Goliath Hummer EV Tesla Cybertruck And that weird 6x6 „terrain destroyer“, Bugatti Chiron, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, Ford Fpcus RS

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Some cars you listed does not need a remodel

this is the only one that doesn’t need a remodel from that list, it’s fine as is


And yes Chiron needs a remodel

bruh i’m dumb

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Don’t forget the Jeep, the best car that needs a remodel aside from the 69 charger


The Fiat 500 and Scion IQ are getting remodels soon

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