Floor 2 Escape Ramps

How about when the next floor is added (with it’s new crushers, if any) perhaps at the end of the rows we can get a ramp? This would be a cool way to escape, though the ramp on Row 2 may cause some mild issues as that would launch the car into the stunt park. In turn, Row 2 can have a slide instead that allows the escapee to drive down and out of the facility onto the main road which rolls out from Row 2 normally… Instead of making an escape by “flying” out of the facility in fashion to avoid players from getting smashed on/in the stunt park.


Yas new floor

And maybe a yeild sign for fun at the center lmao. A four way yield crossing because I can already tell you right now that if there is a ramp up to theregoing to slam into a lot of other players. Lol im glad they may add this because now i can taake a bmw i3 up there bottoming it out on the way down lol i wonder how maany wheels i can explode clean off from overstressed bottoming out constantly

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dat tire just flying up into the air tho

How does its explode and crush car with falling tire

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