First letter of sentence becomes the last letter of next

My favorite food is… Well, I guess my name already explains it at all, I.

I love Caparo T1s cause they are the closest thing to a F1 car and has the fastest time across the Top Gear Test Track, because of that, it makes me go mmm

Sometimes, people will just cry, such as I

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That’s very sad, have you ever had sausages?

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No, but i ate 23 sticks of butter in one sitting, not very fun to eat.

should’ve had eleven

Yea, I feel bad for you man, ima play some songs

anybody pls start voting for the competition winners why

Ok sure ima say yea

idk why yall took so long to get this, but tada!

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this is very confusing sir but ima just say “si”

tonight, i drive a chair, richard consumes a melon, and james falls into a pit

i got robbed so ima just go to court

i killed 32 people in Mississippi

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why did you commit mass murder in Mississippi

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they took my special cashew

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what kinda person is going to care about that

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who wouldn’t care about their special cashew

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hey you broke the rules smh

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