Ferrari Sf90 Versione Speciale LM

Sf90 Lm

Top Speed 217
Acceleration 20.2
Class X 100


217 what? knots km/h m/s??

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assuming it’s in MPH, 217 KM/H would be too low for an X-class vehicle in terms of stats

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4L V8-TwinTurbo 786HP
//The three electric motors are unchanged – one powering each front wheel to allow for torque vectoring, while a third sits between the engine and eight-speed twin-clutch transmission at the back. These can deliver a combined peak of 229hp – 12hp more than in the regular SF90 thanks to improved cooling. While modest, the improvements do mean the XX’s combined 1015hp (max1030) peak output is now ahead of the 1001hp of the forthcoming Lamborghini Revuelto//

2.3sec to100, 320+ kmh

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