Ferrari SF90 Stradale


You’re joking right?

Man I wanted to get this in the festival in A8 but I didn’t, forgot to play

Oh boy here it goes again…
KING. You don’t have any say in what gets added or not. Nobody cares about what you say because it’s always something negative about a post. Sure, post suggestions about stuff instead of being annoying in the comments.


You make a good point

But You’re not a game dev of Car Crushers.

You’re developing a game with stolen models you claim are yours. And on top of that you don’t even develop for Car Crushers! You have no say in anything. Go cry off to Panwellz or Exon if you’re gonna be like that.


I wasn’t talking about your points king

guys remember Ferrari not this fake dev guy

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Thank you

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If you use it in asphalt 8, It’s very hard to upgrade it. (Festival for this car is passed)

I’m so sorry for that. Always be online for new asphalt 8 festivals.

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Top Speed: 211 MPH
0-60 MPH: 2.5 sec
Weight: 1.57 Metric Tons (Tonnes)


I feel like this should be group access.

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