Favoriting; Putting Vehicles Into Folders

I believe it would make sense for the players to be able to make folders with their favorite cars so they can find them easier. This could be done by clicking a “star” button on a vehicle while scrolling through the car dealership. This vehicle would then transfer to a folder with all the vehicles they “favorited.”


this game is slowly becoming vehicle simulator with realistic physics


And with less bugs

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I know. The original concept of the game was simply putting cars in unusual destruction machines to unlock newer vehicles (and core self-destructs of-course). The game has grown so much more than that.


Hey i have a suggestion I would like to see a favourite tab in the dealership so you can favourite cars and when you go on that menu in the dealership it shows all you favourite cars. so you dont have to scroll through the menu all the time.


Before posting, make sure that:

  • The suggestion is not in the Car Crushers 2 Trello Trello
  • It has not been suggested in the forum already (Search or check the “your topic is similar to…” tab)

If it already exists, like that instead to increase the chances of it being added!

As someone who uses multiple vehicles, it would be nice to have this to prevent scrolling for a long time just to find the vehicle you want.

Maybe you could even add a button that toggles whether or not you want to show your favorite vehicle.

(This might’ve already been suggested, which I wouldn’t be surprised about.)

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I play this game a lot and there is a few suggestions I would have but the most important one I can think of is this, because it is kind of annoying when you can’t find your favorite cars.


Sometimes, I find it hard to scroll through all the cars and find the specific one that you want to spawn in. I would want the favorite car feature to be in the game so I can favorite some of my cars so I can spawn them in faster, or choose them for a race quicker.


Man, Panwellz and other guys must add an simple button to favorite the cars, it’s just a simple button that would be very cool


We can be allowed to favorite vehicles from a button in the dealership and to view them/use one, there is a filter in the dealership that allows us to access them.