Fastest car each class

By top speed and acceleration
Absolute Fastest Classic car Porsche 917

Absolute slowest classic car old tractor

Absolute fastest Compact Nissan Juke R

Absolute slowest Compact Golf cart

Absolute fastest Pickup Cringe Cybertruck

Slowest top speed pickup GMC topkick

Slowest acceleration pickup GMC Canyon

Fastest Top speed SUV Mazda Purosangue by Ferrari

Fastest accelerating SUV Grandeur Dignity

Slowest top speed SUV audi e tron etrail

Slowest Accelerating SUV Hummer H1

Absolute fastest Hatchback Nissan Juke R

Absolute slowest Hatchback Prius

Absolute fastest Coupe Nissan GTR 50

Absolute slowest coupe Chevrolet Impala

Fastest top Speed Sports car Ferrari F40

Fastest accelerating Sports car Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

Absolute slowest Sports car Mazda Miata

Fastest top speed race car Bugatti Bolide

Fastest accelerating race car Ford Supervan

Slowest top speed race car Go kart

Slowest accelerating Race car Bugatti Type 35

Absolute fastest Supercar Lamborghini Egoista

Slowest top speed supercar Ford Mustang GTD

Slowest accelerating supercar Mazda Furai

Absolute fastest Truck Jet Truck

Absolute slowest truck panzer

Absolute fastest bus Avanta Bus

Absolute slowest Bus Omnibus

Absolute fastest Tank Trelet

Absolute slowesr tank stormpanzer

Absolute fastest Special and Car Bloodhound

Absolute slowest Special Golf Cart

Fastest top speed Emergency Dodge Charger police

Fastest accelerating Emergency Explorer police

Absolute slowest emergency Swat car


I think the Nissan Juke-R won



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Absolute fastest Typeless car
Cadillac CTSV

Absolute slowest typeless car
Chevrolet astro