Failed loading on server start (new servers)

I’ve never submitted a bug report so I’m sorry if this is vague or isn’t helpful

As far as I know the bug isn’t known but I think it has something to do with the 6-15-22 update. It’s not a roblox thing either.

Server won’t load any scripts on startup, no error logs are shown. This happens for everybody on the server. Nobody can spawn a vehicle, crushers don’t function, core access is denied for those with the gamepass, and user titles will not load.

The bug happens on a few different servers.
I played on a phone, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Steps needed to reproduce:

  • Join a server, there is a chance you’ll enter one of these broken servers

The bug happens for everybody in the server. I didn’t get a screenshot of the console because at the time I didn’t know how to open it on mobile /shrug

Username: caseygraymusic

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