Exoniphic MK1 tank modification

The former top vehicle in the game and one of the best tanks in the game with its armor and Sci-Fi appearance could use a few changes to improve its effectiveness.

First: Should have the driver seat moved to the front of the tank similar to the Panzer VIII Maus tank as there is actually a second hatch there

As in just relocate the driver seat there and perhaps make the turret a passenger seat. Reason for this is due to the fact it’s easy to take down some tanks including this one in derby particularly in tank battle mode by just aiming at the turret and driver seat, I seen cases of players having their turrets shot off and driver seat separated from the vehicle and unable to properly control their tank, sometimes getting stuck, so logically the same should be done to all tanks to address this and the fact that tanks are usually driven from compartments in the front, not from in the turrets so also adds some more realism.

Second: It should be given a plow option for the front, perhaps a unique one that’s like an energy shield or forcefield for better defense at the front, something else other tanks might could use


I wish the tank is good!
i find the laser tank neutral

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don’t really agree with this considering it’s already one of the more beefier tanks

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Yes but if the other part about moving the driver seat to the front this could come in handy as it could make the tank a bit more vulnerable in the front so that’s also got to be considered.

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emm since when are tanks allowed to have plows