Egg hunt update, eggs designs and their rewards

roblox account: arcade_gamer98

to update 31 you can add a egg hunt, i will show a image with the possible eggs designs
and their rewards ( note: this is a pixel art because idk how to do it in 3D )

this is the my designs and rewards to the egg hunt update,

the green egg (common) gives you a quantity of credits ( maybe 100 )

the blue egg ( uncommon or rare ) gives you a title, that can be ‘‘egg hunter’’

the golden egg ( rare or legendary ) gives you a special egg wheel

the eggs only hatch on the end of the easter, giving their rewards

the eggs event can be:

  1. same as the gifts event, they fall of the sky and you need to colect them

  2. they spawn in a random location at a random time

the update need to happen this month, or it will be unmeaning

this is my sugestion to the update 31, i hope you enjoyed :)

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bruh these are the same rewards as before, the gift hunt thing


I have a feeling that they should have started the egg hunt like… a week ago. I wonder why tho :hmmmmmm:


all the eggs hunt got delayed

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to this game, i think this is the better rewards possible, because i think they NEVER will add a limited time car, only cosmetics, like wheels or titles, only if they make a custom skin to a existent car or a limited car without value, but a limited car with value, never,


Fun fact: adds four vehicles, VinFast and Perodua SUVs, Fastest Truck, and Bugatti


sadly this game is not in the metaverse, i still dont know if its good or not, i just think having a game in metaverse is just meaning its popular


I think it would be best if CC2 remained out of the meta


I just see it kinda ruining the game…idk it might just be me though but I just think it would kinda make it popular and not unique


i see what you mean but… how the heck a stupid marble game got in metaverse instead of some cool car physics