Earth's Destruction (a new facility event)

A new area below the core, that is a particle collider. Works similary to the core, but charging it takes more time (30-50mins). During charging, there will be visible particles colliding. When its done charging, there will be a big red button next to the collider. Upon pressing the button, a message will play: “The particle collider is unstable. Please evacuate immediately.” There will be 30 seconds to 1 minute to get to a space ship. When the countdown is over, the spaceship will fly all the way out of the earth. Then, the earth will be visibly destroyed by a black hole. There could be a special gamepass called “Particle Collider” that would cost 500-1000 robux, that would give you access to the collider.



this made me laugh for some reason

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probably because of the way Monopoly man just casually says no in such a cheerful way

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i mean a seperate gamepass would be reasonable but idk