Drifting pass

There should be a drifting pass since there are a few drift specials but the drift pass will make it so you can add cambers, wheel offsets, option to remove parts to be a drift missile, and livery

The camber should make it so if there is more negative, the less grip the car has, but on the other hand, positive camber makes it so the car can steer with almost no effort at all

The wheel offsets closer to outside can make your car stable at high speeds but the wheel offsets is too far in towards the frame makes your car unstable at high speeds

The option to remove parts like the bumper, hood or side underskirt makes it so you can replace those with metal beams so your car won’t get damage as much as I would

The livery are for style so you can customize your dream drift vehicle


pls not a gamepass…

is it hard to make something F2P?


yeah just add suspension and camber customization without a gamepass.


all is Pay to win kek

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bruh why pass

how is it p2w?