Drift mechs fix

soooo I was looking into the power slide feature and I can safely say that that’s not drifting to make a car drift u need 2 key things
2.decent torque (or a slippery tire that has some minimal traction)

but right now cc2 has (hand brake) with is used to initiate drift easy but if u wanna have high speed or any drifting for that matter u have to much grip and your car after almost wanting to go sideways hits a wall of grip and just goes back to race car mode to put it bluntly and nothin happens

so how cud this be fixed in my opinion
1.gamemode (drift) witch lightens the worlds gavity and decreases the grip on the wheels and the map it self but don’t over do it bc it might have handling iscues
2. adding a slider of tire grip in the settings gui and enabling players to make their cars drift (can be robux paid thingi)

ps fix spring stiffness on some cars, and for the love of god make the nsx REAR WHEEL DRIVEEEEE