Drift Legend guide

I need a guide to complete Drift legend that was added yesterday. All classes


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I just used the old 1970s Porsche 911 for c class, the copyright free Lamborghini Countach for b class. The grandeur esteem for a class, the McLaren F1 for s class. I used an upgraded Aston Martin Vulcan for x class as it can drift without losing much speed. Hope this helps.

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yeah it helped… kinda

watch bendyplays’s vid on it

i alr got it

bendy plays is the best but whats for c class

but the the car for the mission is the same as the ferrari 512

they aren’t
they have the same semi-monocoque design, but they have different body styles

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Absolutely not the same, not even close.

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C class Hyundai Genesis coupe (expert drifting)
B Class Porsche 959
A Class Grandeur Euphoria
S class Silver arrow Mercedes (Needs gear ratio)
X Fully Upgraded Fake Veneno

well bendy plays show
c class aston martin
b class energy monster truck
a class nm vizi gt
x class aston martin

and s class fierra 5099