Don't click this

I’m sorry. I dragged you to show you this.
I told you not to click.
Naruto Sasuke, is this real?
It is a real battle between the world’s greatest powers…
Are you sure it’s that stupid Naruto?
The real Naruto is a legend.
When I saw Naruto a long time ago,
I always saw him as a king-like creature, Hokage,
and became the most legendary hero in the world,
I was so touched by the scenes that made me emotional
and touched my heart by the scenes from Naruto’s songs
to the best scenes went through my mind.
And in the movie version, Sasuke, the giant meteorite flying in front of KaKashi,
suddenly appeared and broke it down
and said, “If there is no Naruto, I’m the only one who can protect the village.”
The scene that disappeared like the wind,
I couldn’t help but cry if someone had seen it from the beginning.
I am so touched and I recently found out about Boruto.
I was watching the 20th episode,
and it was all so big that I was confused about all the memories I had.
I think Shino become talkative He’s a good teacher.
And why are you cursing at Boruto?
He is cute, but he looks like Naruto.
We have similar personalities.
And is it true that even if two Narutosasuke fight in Boruto, there is a godlike existence that wins?
And I searched it on the internet.
Look at the combination of Narutosasuke. I was so shocked by this.
Wow, that sound came out of itself.
If that’s true, you have to watch it. It doesn’t destroy the real world.
Wow, I was about to cry to see Naruto Sasuke become like that.
I keep looking at it. Is that…? I
want to see Sasuke. When did I become the best in the new class like this?
I remember my elementary school days
and I am sad and happy and moved and various emotions are complicated.
Anyway, Naruto is the best animation ever.


What is our touching?