Does anyone know why these scam bots are flooding the group wall?

Does anyone here on the forums know why these robux scam bots are flooding the group wall when no one is going to actually click on their links, because we all use the forum? it’s a genuine question, but sometimes bots do get on the forum, rarely, if you know what i mean. should someone close the group wall?


I have never seen a scam bot in my life

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take one look at the car crushers official group wall on the roblox website. you will find a whole colony of them over there



Hey, late response but I only just recently got back to the forums. Well obviously the reason for them posting scams is to compromise accounts and profits from that, not just from potential Robux, but mainly for in-games items they might own, for example, adopt me pets or pet simulator X pets which are the most targeted nowadays. The goal for them is just to make money and if you learn just a little about it you’d be surprised at how profitable this can be for some.
By the way, don’t put too much hope into Roblox players’ common sense to not get baited by such things, if you check the games these scams send, you’ll most likely have some players active on the game (an average of 1-5), and a decent amount of visits (a few hundred). The targeted audience of these scams are obviously kids, and it sadly works very well. That’s why there are wall moderators, to keep that damn wall clean and prevent kids stupidly getting their accounts compromised.


at this point keeping the group wall open is a bad idea because 1. Scam bots flood the wall, 2. people think panwellz reads bugs and suggestions in the group 3. theres not really a reason to keep the wall up except to talkto other players or answer questions

you just defined the reason yourself of why it’s still a thing, plus wall mods are here for a reason. And honestly it might also be for the image, it’s clearly not a common thing to have a public wall that also has moderation.