Do this instead of doing cars

We have had the same map for a bit now and I was thinking if maybe a new map could be done, I was also thinking of adding more roads and a new crusher (kinda) outside the facility, maybe a broken road located somewhere outside the map would be interesting for a different crusher. Also I would like to see the bridge get updated as the current one is a bit boring.



Btw idk what category to put this in



Edit#1: I forgot to mention hills would be interesting


on the same page as you, I have some ideas for the map, will probably do my own post on it, but I will make sure to credit you with the post idea.

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And you could just put this in CC2 Suggestions

what if we had a rally track or some sort of drift thing

i know the dirt track kinda counts but its kinda boring


Or bigger mountain with forests or a desert. Idk man, we really need more logical and active suspension to cars if rally place got added @neo17