DMC Delorean timemachine modification

DMC Delorean time machine (back to the future)

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The DMC delorean, formerly known as Delorean from back to the future.
We already have the same car, however that is the normal form of it.
Therefore i suggest the Delorean heavily modified one that is now a timemachine.
This modified Delorean is VERY iconic and it would be amazing to have this car ingame.
However, this car is very special and having this car around the same price of normal Delorean in game doesnt seem too logical for me, also the game technically already has the same car.
So i suggest it to release it as a limited car.

Note : if this is ever coming to game, please use current model of Delorean as base, so it will not make any difference besides the modification.


it could be a replacement for the booster


You can add a rocket booster on the DeLorean so the DeLorean isnt boring

It still does have odd placement. And this version of the car is entirely different

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It is but people calls it DeLorean booster machine

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