Disruptive and frequent server updates

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not but it’s really annoying. Sometimes while playing the game a message will show up and say the server is shutting down for updates. There are no new updates whenever these happen. It attempts to teleport the player to another server but for me, it just bugs out, doesn’t work, then makes it so I can’t join another server for a few minutes.

It happens pretty often. I’d say it happens almost daily.

I play on a Windows computer however I can see in chat that it affects more than me.

There are no steps needed for it to happen. Simply play the game for a while and it will happen at random.

No. It affects everybody on the server at the same time.

My Roblox user is Bubbamonkey111 (I made it when I was little)

Whether this is a bug or on purpose it still interrupts everything and can even get in the way of unsaved progress. Ex: Buying customizations on a car just for the server to shut down at that exact moment.

Edit: I have screenshots


its the server crashing lmao
you cant do anything about it other than server hop


That sucks