Discussing about 1990 Stock Cars to be added

Stock Cars 1990


So I thought of adding Nascar gens from the 1990 so we can race with them since they are very cool if you see the photos. It would be cool to race around the island or if you add a race track where we can race with Stock cars.(example a track similar to Daytona 500)

The two cars are a Chevrolet Lumina 1990 (custom stock car for nascar) and a Ford Thunderbird 1990(custom stock car for nascar)
I am picking those for certain reasons. They both have different Body shape so there would be more variant cars when racing and also they were the most used in the motorsport in the 1990’s with the Lumina being used on about 8 cars on the 1990 season and the Thunderbird on 7 in the same season.

Concept name I figured out would be: Forter LightBird Stock Car (The Ford Thunderbird) and Cherevlo MoonShine Stock Car (Chevrolet Lumina). They will either be public cars or VIP Cars (same with the Sprint Car) or Mission cars (not with mission points) but with challenges and you will win both by (Win 50 Events on Car Crushers Derby,Win 25 Races and Win 50 Challenges on lobby)

This is just a suggestion and I don’t know ifthe owner or any developer checks this or adds it to the game but I have hope. Car Crushers 2 Developers are the best same with the owner. Keep up the good work for adding us these amazing cars :slight_smile: