Discord appeal issue

i got banned awhile back in 2021 and just recently appealed a few days ago but noone has responded

why you get banned?

It could take a little for the appeal to get a response.

extreme disrespect toward a diff gender when it wasnt really it was a post meant to be taken as a joke abðnd wasnt targeted at any other gender

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ah yes the typical “its just a prank bro”

or in this case “its just a joke bro”


I think the keyword as to why they haven’t responded to your appeal yet is extreme and wasn’t targetted at any other gender

so let me get this straight
you did extreme disrespect against a gender, but it was ok because it was only one gender and not any other gender??

also they email you regarding your appeal, whether accepted or declined

no it wasnt any gender and i was regarding an issue in context that may lead people to think theyre hacked and also my appeal still hasnt been responded to

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You were unbanned a while ago, chances are the email was in the spam folder.

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lemme break your skull