Derby car spawning hanging off the edge

Some of the long cars (like Hypershock SSV, which is what i used to reproduce the bug) on magma cave spawn with their back wheels (and other parts) hanging off the edge, rendering the car unable to drive as soon as you spawn in. I’ve only found one spawn spot like that on magma cave, but i am not sure if there’s others.

Anytime you use a long car and spawn on that exact spot on magma cave.

The device the bug was found on is PC, though i doubt that makes any difference.

  1. Select a long car, like Hypershock SSV.
  2. Go to the magma cave map in derby.
  3. Spawn on that one particular spot, and enjoy not being able to do anything until you get knocked off and die.

No, the issue is not related to GUI or user interface whatsoever.

Roblox username: Demaster_Nagibaste8
screenshot of the issue here: cc2 bug report - Album on Imgur

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