Derby and its problems

credits to winter.5775 for helping me with this

derby, the one thing that has a love-hate from people, derby currently isn’t that great, even after the changes made in updates, it’s still a massive mess and here I speak about it’s problems, and how to improve derby

first issue - the physics
When vehicles are impacted by diffrent sides at the same time, the vehicle that was targeted would be sent under the map. this stems all vehicles no matter what shape or size, as well as vehicles being denigrated even by the slightest hit’s
it has been an issue for almost 3 years now, but has gotten worse after the damage overhaul’s. despite what has been done, now this is a harder one to fix due to cc2’s physics and roblox’s more importantly, but there is still solutions that could be done to lower these physics issues.

Second issue - the lack of game-modes

Derby’s game modes have been kinda… repetitive, there hasn’t been any new game modes for a while, and the current ones aren’t that great, freeze tag is annoying to play cause of the physics, which at times gets you tagged way out of range, time bomb also has this issues, juggernaut is ridiculous as most vehicles are a struggle to kill, it be nice if we could get some new game modes into derby.

Final issue - the unbalanced power ups / lack of them

Another very big issue is the power ups being ridiculous unbalanced, with stuff like shredder or shield being ridiculously broken to stuff like pulse or rock being useless, its safe to say we need better balancing with these power up’s and it would be nice to see some more introduced.

Overall derby needs some improvements and fixes

Thank you.


Not only that, sometimes if i crash someone with 120 mph he doesn’t care but my car is completely broken. And they are 100m aways but you still get hit wich is annoying as hell since you really cant dodge them. In beginner derby this isn’t such a big issue but in the other two its really bad. This wasn’t always like this tough, before the update where they doubled the players in the server everything worked perfectly fine.

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yeah sometimes the higher speed hits don’t register for opponents but it registers for you, which makes you lose like 50% of your hp

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Most of those interaction issues are because of Roblox works, it isn’t something that developers can really fix or patch. And yes, there is a problem with new destruction physics: it makes driver seats very vulnerable to attacks, that’s why sometimes you can instantly knockout somebody.
And also I don’t agree with power-ups being broken: most of them deal almost zero damage or just to wheels and engine. But I believe that developers should pay more attention to derby: it almost didn’t change in 3 or more years.

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