Daily facts No. 2

  1. The first campaign mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops caused large controversy in Cuba due to it depicting an assassination attempt on former Cuban prime minister Fidel Castro whom the CIA failed to assassinate 638 times with the Cubans saying “What the United States government did not achieve in more than 50 years, it now tries to do virtually” on their government website.

  2. Santa Clause was originally depicted wearing green clothing but this was changed to red clothing because of a Coca-Cola advertisement.

  3. The Lockheed C-47 Skytrain is the only World War II aircraft still in active military service but only in a few small numbers.

  4. Chris Farley was originally set to play Shrek in the 2001 Shrek film and even recorded 95% of his lines. Sadly, he died in 1997 just before the completion of the voice-over. Eventually, Mike Myers took his role.

  5. Transformers: Generation 1 was hand drawn, with a total of seven production studios that were contracted or sub-contracted to the rush of the show’s production. Despite this, the rush caused a lot of sloppy animations and visibly embarrassing drawing mistakes.