Dacia 1304 Pickup (1994–2003) - PAPUC -


What the heck is this?
This is a unique Romanian ahh car that is eastern euro quality. It was produced from 1994 - 2003 and was replaced by the Logan Pickup 1st Gen in 2004+. These are commonly named Papuc in Romania as a nickname, others include the Fica which is a Zastava 750 in Serbia - Yugoslavia.

So what’s good about it?
This pickup is very practical and was meant to last a good while but that’s not as true as they are extremely rare to spot now. There’s no RHD variants on this model but other Papuc’s have for the Malta market. The model had lots of engines; 1.3 L I4 Petroleum
1.4 L I4 Petroleum
1.6 L I4 Petroleum
1.9 L I4 Diesel
And was either a 4/5 Manual gearbox.

why ya want this
Because CC2 needs more unique ahh cars and needs an Eastern European shootbox.

in game stats
Name: Miovi Papuc or Miovi Peroni
Price: -500k - 70k
Race class: idk but slow
Availability: Free or Group
Derby Tier: 1


papuc literally means slipper :joy:

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