Crusher doors being unresponsive

The crusher doors have been pretty unresponsive lately. Sometimes I just give up due to how unresponsive the doors can be. This is a very reoccurring bug that happens about everytime I try to go through a door. I have a strong internet connection and a powerful device.

What console are you playing on? playstation 4? xbox one S? xbox one X? xbox Series X? playstation 5?
Does the bug happens always? if not then maybe that could also be a server problem, you can try switching servers or if you have a friend that has a private server you could also try joining his private server whenever he is on it.

That could be a ping problem aswell which isnt a thing that network and device can do much.
That isn’t like REALLY a bug, if the door would never open then it could be, it’s just ping related problem, always happen to me to use a crusher and it takes forever to activate, if you could get a screenshot with performace stats on it could also help.

I run it on Xbox s series. I don’t experience any ping issues often considering I can run bigger online games without issues. And every server I’ve been to the doors were pretty unresponsive. Taking multiple attempts to open. So I’m not to sure what the issue is

Are the doors the only single thing that takes a long time to respond or does the crushers also takes a little bit to activate?

And I’m an xbox car crushers 2 player too, I’ve always been looking for someone to play roblox with, we could play sometime soon, what do you think?

The doors are the only thing that take long. The crushers start immediately after a button press, and The game fully Loads in under a minute.

And I wouldn’t mind to play sometime.

Ok well then just take a screenshot with performace stats on and just use some crushers that doesn’t have a door instead until it get fixed someway.

Ok then send me a friend request on Roblox, my username is LikeDoritos123
Or just add me on discord, LikeDoritos123#9415.

Ok I sent a friend request on discord, it’s KACHOW#6757