Core escape rewards scaling to vehicle or money?

Help needed in figuring out if there’s a specific formula or scale from core escape rewards to current money or vehicle used

I have two examples which aren’t enough for me to find any proper correlation

Person A escaping with WVD X15, costs 2.8B currently(don’t know old cost as Person A had X15 at 1.9B money), current value 50M with neon equipped, 140M helicopter core escape reward = x3.5 as the scale here

However Person B escaping with Desert Army Jeep, costs 18250 currently(don’t know if there was any old cost), had 18887 money, current value 975 with neon equipped, 3675 helicopter core escape reward = x3.76 weird scale

Any possible formula lurking around here that we can try to figure out? Or should this also be a tipping point to push to overhaul the inconsistent rewards scaling in game?


if someone was to try to escape without obtaining money, they wouldn’t get money if it was scaled to money, but I would need an alt to test this, which I can’t be bothered to make an alt